And what about all this Library 2.0 “stuff”…?

What has been the effect of all this Library 2.0 talk for the last two plus years?I think two posts to check that are helpful to try and answer this question. First – The Essence of Library 2.0 by Meredith Farkas. She points out that all the cool new technology tools mean nothing, if they are not central to the needs of our customers. Unused: blogs, wikis and all other manner of web 2.0 tech tools have been started and then left unused. There has been a real failure to maintain or update. Kind of like the rush to put up a website by so many libraries 2 -3 years ago that haven’t been updated since the Coming Events calendar of 2006. Some of these tools were never aimed at customer’s needs.Second – another good post from David Lee King: Has Elvis Left the Building?  David points out that if we haven’t gotten out from behind the reference desk, or we have failed to market and promote these great new services outside of our 4 walls with real customer interactions, then we really didn’t accomplish anything. I would also add, that if we haven’t updated any of the customer technology rules and policies since 2004, then any newly added tech. tool doesn’t really matter. David does suggest that if you have continued to try and innovate, added new tools, even if they have failed, then you are growing and learning new skills.  I agree with him. From a post of his from last year – “library professionals change, grow and learn new things”. The failure to grow and learn means to become obsolete as in “irrelevant”.

Personally I am an “early adopter” kind of a techie. I like and have fun with the ”new”. On the other hand, the pace of change for new and exciting tech. tools is growing exponentially. I like this stuff and I can’t possibly keep up. What is a “timid” or “reluctant” adopter supposed to do.? I know that burying our heads in the sand doesn’t work, we only get further behind the curve. For a good video about this changing global tech. world look here: Did You Know?.

I believe all this Library 2.0 stuff leads us to: have the conversations, discuss and debate, and make the plans that will then create “great” libraries for us and our kids. Change and innovation are required to create more customer value and improve the customer experience. (see my previous post). I would argue that Library 2.0 is just the beginning.


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