Is your library “Stuck Looking Backwards”?


Some libraries seem to be stuck in their current ways of doing things. We might call it: “Stuck Looking Backwards”. 

  • Sometimes – “best practices” were established that truly were forward looking and “cutting edge” ideas.  But now we find, 5 years have passed.
  • Sometimes we get stuck in – “we have always done it that way”.
  • Sometimes we say – “we can’t afford that”.
  • Sometimes we think – “we don’t have anyone to do that”.
  • Sometimes we believe – “we tried that before and it didn’t work”.

Maybe we need to look forward again. But how do you do that when we seem so overwhelmed by our “day to day” and our history of doing things? Maybe we need to be more”curious”. Seth Godin stars in this short video that looks at the strategy and personality of being curious about the world around us.

Please click this link to watch the video:  Seth Godin  – “Curiosity”. 

Perhaps if we became curious about and with our customers or students, curious about their learning styles, their way of communicating with their friends, their preference for format, for genre, for a need for a particular kind of information. 

  • What would cause them to think we were the best library they had ever been in?
  • What would we have to become, or do, that would cause them to tell everyone about us?
  • What if our customers or students became curious and engaged with us in our process of improving our library?
  • What if they became partners in helping our library to become “great”? 

What if we became curious……. and then, we find we are “looking forward”. And if we learned and understood and became partners with our customers or students – then wouldn’t it be both frightening and energizing? Happy “curiosity” to you!

Here is Seth’s blog.



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