Awareness Test – video. School or Public Library – Are You Really Paying Attention?

Most libraries – school and public – can be incredibly busy. Books, customers, teachers, students, circulation desk, computers, meddling directors or principals and the list goes on. So when do you take the time to really understand what is going on in your library? When do you take the time to talk to your students or customers to find out what they really want? What would they like us to change, to add, to make go away? What new books, materials, services, or programs can help to make your library great!?

I know, you think you really do try and find those things out. But if you are busy, and I know most of us are….do you really pay attention???

Watch the video – listen and follow the directions.

“Paying attention” – it’s about the student’s or customer’s point of view, not ours. Take some time today, do a real walk around. Pause to really look at your library using your customer’s/student’s “eyes”. Talk to a few customers or students.  Ask a new student or customer to your library to walk around with you and tell you what they see. Ask a few questions…..and listen. What are they really telling you?

Be Brave!  Be Great!

The video is brought to us by Seth Godin.


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