24/7 “live tutor support” for your students? YES, you can.

Every parent’s nightmare – It’s Sunday night – you just found out about a homework assignment or project that is due for your student.

UNSHELVED– the daily library comic strip on April 1st presents the following dilema for school and public libraries:  Do you want to provide “live tutor” homework help and support for your students? Of course you do -> but live tudor resources cost money. In many cases, the various tutor products are quite pricey and beyond many libraries’ budget.

What to do about this conundrum?  Your solution is simple: your library website! It’s always on 24/7, it’s live.


Go back and take a look at your website using a student/adult researcher viewpoint:

Your website:

  • Is it attractive?
  • Are the reference and resources links: easy to find?
  • Do the links have a description of the resource materials?
  • Is it clear which resources are available via “home access” vs. “on-site”?
  • Do you provide any training for these valuable resources?
  • Are you tracking both remote and on-site usage?
  • Do you provide links to other valuable free resources?
  • Have you considered hosting specific school or teacher links or pages if the school or school library doesn’t or can’t do that?
  • Have you done: on-line information “scavenger hunts” as part of regular or special programing like Summer Reading using your on-line resources as directed sites?
  • Do you promote the resources in the library, on the website, via email, with teachers and school administration, with your local parent groups, your home-schoolers and directly to the students in the library?

You are providing 24/7 live homework help – make it the best it can be using your current available resources. Maybe it’s time to improve the look, the feel, the functionality of your library website. Go ahead – help your students with their homework, they need your support.

See your library through your customers eyes and be great!


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2 Responses to “24/7 “live tutor support” for your students? YES, you can.”

  1. James Young Says:

    Thanks for your suggestion. We at http://www.tcyonline.com also believe in providing best possible help to our students all over the world. Other websites can upload free worksheets, interactive educational games and other useful stuff like that as we have done and very soon a complete video section will also be available. These features really help students.

  2. neha Says:

    need help

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