What teacher librarians should know. A few surprises.

Looking to be your best?

I know many of these types of lists have been posted before and will be posted again in the future. This list comes courtesy of the librarian support website via Scholastic Librarians. I am sure every teacher and teacher/librarian would want to know this list. The article helps explain why each is important with some examples for the ideas. I especially like three of these tips.

Librarians are always very busy, so use – #3  Sending 30 emails to parents – it’s all about saving time, yours and the parents. Direct communication with parents improves your effectiveness, visibility and importance. 

#7  Know what the remote buttons do– playing audio, podcasts, video (dvd and streaming) all take some know-how to get the best learning experience for your students. Your actual instruction and impact time with students is limited, so make sure every experience is a valuable one. No fumbling with technology allowed. 

#8  Know how to spend PD hours – don’t use them to get caught up with your work – Use them to get caught up with your skills. Don’t be afraid to call one of your product vendors to get some free training or support for you and your teachers via a collaboration workshop. 

The list comes from the article:  9 Technology Tricks Every Librarian Must Know 

Here’s the list:

  1. Know how to play and make podcasts
  2. Know how to blog
  3. Know how to send an e-mail to 30 parents
  4. Know how to wiki
  5. Know how to take great photos
  6. Know how to find the best Web sites
  7. Know what all the remote buttons do
  8. Know how to spend PD hours
  9. Know how to call Australia for free


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2 Responses to “What teacher librarians should know. A few surprises.”

  1. Tara Brooks Says:

    I am looking to be the best! This is my second year in a middle school library. I am constantly overwhelmed by the nuber of tasks I am asked to perform on a daily basis. Your list is actually an extremely useful and realistic list. I have mastered 3 of the 9. I am currently working on the blogging. If I could get away from the darn laminator long enough I could probably have mastered many more by now!

  2. Brad Fish Says:

    Hi Tara,

    It sounds like you face the typical dilemna for most librarians – too much to do, never enough time to do the extra things you want to do, especially personal learning. Based on the start you already have, I am sure you will be successful with your library. Good start to your blog. Here is another wiki site with some concepts and ideas presented in a web video based format. Happy learning and good luck to you: http://nsmjuly2008.pbwiki.com/

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