What can your technology platform do for you?

Hi to all,

There was a good article the other day from Library Link of the Day:

Libraries experiment with new information technologies [Northwest Herald]

It mentions a few things we might want to think about as we decide what our technology platform needs to do for us. Directly from the article:

Libraries across McHenry County continue to experiment with emerging technologies. At one time, that meant providing audio CDs, DVD movies, and Internet access. Now it means promoting creation software, e-books, pre-loaded audio MP3 players called -Playaways” and yes, video games.

Librarians from across McHenry County listened to one view on what the library of the future might look like at a lecture on -the hyper-link library” given this spring by Michael Stephens, assistant professor for the graduate school of library and information science at Dominican University.

The lecture discussed library technology trends, including promoting -libraries 2.0″ as a place to use the Internet for creativity, information sharing, and collaboration. For instance, library patrons could upload videos, create a Podcast, or start a personal blog.

Stephens hopes libraries can avoid any image of being some kind of -book warehouse.”

-The library can be a place to create knowledge and content,” he said.

Libraries do have limited resources, both in terms of time and money and in terms of Internet bandwidth, which controls the speed of Internet access. Those restrictions have led many area libraries to test the water with a few new technologies before jumping headfirst into Library 2.0.

If anyone doesn’t know – Michael Stephens is a well know library speaker on reshaping and improving libraries. He has written extensively on these topics. His blog is: http://tametheweb.com/

Bandwidth, flexibility, new e-creation software, podcasting, streaming video and of course online gaming are all issues to consider. How will school libraries do this???



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