David Lee King – On – What to Give Up? …again

On what to give up when faced with too much work and never enough time….David Lee King discusses this age old problem here: http://www.davidleeking.com/2008/07/01/answering-the-what-do-i-have-to-stop-doing-question/

As life and work and family and friend’s demands seem to only leap and grow exponentially….I keep thinking back to something from an earlier….more evenly paced time.  If we always try to do the most important, most meaningful, most valuable things that we have on our “to do”: lists……things will usually turn out just fine. 

Gosh that seems so hard to do these days. In a world of what seems to be an ever quickening pace of change, sometimes it just seems hard to catch your breath. I know I feel guilty enough of the time questioning….if I could have only gotten this or that thing done. I do know I have to continue to be more productive and to keep making “more meaningful” contributions and impacts. To make a meaningful impact on: my family, my work, myself and my faith.  I’ll have another post to follow this on what seems to be a very “unlibrary” type of a posting for me…please indulge me.


For now….here was my added comment to the David Lee King discussion:

“I agree….the “what” of the things that we do is important. I might add to the conversation another word…”why”. Why do we do what we do? or… Why should I do that new thing?

It seems to me…when you discuss the “why” of our actions, our beliefs, our library goals or even the “why” about what makes us feel passionate about our work, the true value and joy and meaning emerge.

Next time somebody asks about giving up or adding the “what”…reframe the question into: “why” do you ask?,  why should it matter?,  why is that better…and most importantly…”why not”?”


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One Response to “David Lee King – On – What to Give Up? …again”

  1. Beth Says:

    Great post – and a subject I struggle with myself. It seems to me that a great deal of my angst disappears after some reframing. I remember a time managment class that started with “what is important to you, why do you do what you do.” Once you answer that, then things begin to fall into place.

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