New Kindle – not so fast! Kids want to read books on paper.

I was watching some blogs debate a possible new Kindle updated device. You know Kindle from as that hand held electronic device that downloads then displays books, newspapers and blogs. Will there, won’t there, maybe for Xmas shopping……. I don’t really know. But the Kindle rumor mill reminded me about the study commissioned by Scholastic: The 2008 Kids & Family Reading Report, found here: 

In part it reminds us that 75% of kids age 5-17 agree with the statement, “No matter what I can do online, I’ll always want to read books printed on paper,”

Other key findings from the report:

  • A majority of KIds say they like to read books for fun.
  • One in four kids age 5-17 read books for fun everyday.
  • Kids believe that technology will complement – not replace – book reading.
  • The majority of kids (62%) prefer to read books printed on paper.
  • Nearly 2/3 of kids ages between 9-17 have extended the reading experience via the internet.
  • Parents overwhelmingly view reading as the most important skill a child needs to develop.
  • Trouble finding books they like is a key resaon kids say they don’t read more frequently.
  • 82% of parents say they wish their child would read more books for fun.

I know there’s a lot of truth to the statements about parents views. I know I am pleased and grateful when I catch my 2nd grade daughter curled up on her bed reading a picture book or an exciting new Junie B. Jones chapter book. I also find myself catching the girls in front of the TV more times than I would like. I know that when a new book comes home from the school or public library…..the book usually wins out over the TV. Without a new book in hand…the TV wins out. My wife and I have to keep making sure that the girls keep picking out and have daily access to books that they love.

To all those parents and grandparents out there….take the time to stop by your local public library and pick out a new book or two for that special child in your life. You will both feel better….I promise.


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One Response to “New Kindle – not so fast! Kids want to read books on paper.”

  1. Judi Says:

    Excellent report.

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