Video – A New Librarian Assistant?

Did you ever wish you had a way to have your own personal video of your self answering that same question over and over and over….? You know the ones: what time do you close?, when does this book have to be back?, where is the bathroom? When you hear the “question”, just hit the play button and voila…..question answered. It’s a nice fantasy isn’t it? As you know by now….I would always expect librarians to give the best customer service possible. Our customers deserve that.

But what if there was a way to give great service and solve that “repetitive question that needs an answer” issue. Why not let short, to the point, online videos – help solve the problem of: never enough time….and… our customers deserve good service.

Another great video from the folks at Common Craft gave me the idea.  Web Search Strategies in Plain English. 


Keep the video bookmarked on your computer system. Then when a young student or a new library customer asks the age old question: “How do I find some information about ….fill in the blank….. on the internet”?  You simply have them view the 2:51 minute video and they have a good start. There are lots of wonderful and informative videos just like this one available for free on the web. Check out YouTube and the TeacherTube sites for some great ideas. Also the Common Craft website has many terrific instructional videos, most aimed at teaching Web 2.0 skills.

For those brave technology explorers, consider screencasting. Screencasting is creating short, instructional videos by capturing your computer’s on-screen movements and adding audio for explanation.  For a good rundown and some resources check out the iLibrarian link here: A Quick Guide to Screencasting for Libraries

Using existing free web video resources or creating your own custom screencasts could be effective ways to stretch your personal time and to provide valuable 21st century information skills for your students and customers.

I have some more video ideas on the Vodpod video display on the right and on my Great Library Resources page.


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One Response to “Video – A New Librarian Assistant?”

  1. Beth Says:

    I love these Common Craft videos. They would be a good tool to get people started…the videos engage, sight, sound and then hands on learning!

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