American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – for Libraries

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act  – we must fight for funding projects for libraries. In these critical and challenging economic times, libraries deserve some funding from the stimulus bill. It won’t happen automatically. See below.


The ALA has created a webpage with critical and timely information about the available funding as well as the mechanisms for advocating the use of the funds for libraries. There are very specific programs from which funding could be used to support library programs.

ALA – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act info site is here:    

Besides the opportunities listed on the ALA website, both school and public libraries should consider unique and new partnerships wth each other. The Federal Education Dept. is looking for and willing to fund – innovative and unique new programs that will support student learning and improve workforce readiness.

I have previously listed some good ways that school and public libraries can and should work together. The posts are here:  School and Public Libraries Work! (Together would be best) Part 1  and here: School and Public Libraries Work! Part 2  Maybe your school and public library could sit down together now and create a plan for a partnership program including requird costs.  Submit those plans to your State Dept of Education for funding consideration. The A.R.R.A plan is to begin funnding within 60-90 days.

Please act now. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to greatly improve your school and public library partnership.


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